Windows TrueType fonts for check printing. Checks must be printed with MICR E-13b fonts & magnetic toner on a laser printer. 2024 updates! Also print the check amount and payee name in a way that is hard to forge. This TrueType & PostScript font set gives you the MICR encoding font needed to print checks on multiple bank accounts. $139.50  More information about MICR fonts  Product manual for Windows MICR E13-B fonts

MICR / E13-B fonts for check printing

Windows 11 - 7/Server 2022/2019/2016

Concerned that people may be altering your check amounts or payee names? This package gives you 13 different styles of Windows TrueType fonts that make it very difficult to alter or forge a check. Check amounts can be printed in dollars, Euros, pounds, or yen. Payee names can also be printed. $99.00  More information about Secure fonts

Secure Fonts for printing check amounts and names

Windows 11 - 7/Server 2022/2019/2016

A Windows PCL font downloader. Works from within Windows or invisibly from the command line! Batch support. $99.50

Convert your signature into a Windows TrueType font. Signature fonts print your signature inside any Windows program. This font is perfect for signing letters, checks, faxes, mass mailings, or even initialing memos!  More information on TrueType signature fonts

Windows Signature Order Form

Convert your signature into a font

Convert your signature into a bitmapped PCL soft font for use in Unix, DOS, or AS/400s. Your check writing software can use the signature font to automatically print your signature on each check. Requires a LaserJet or compatible printer.  More information about our PCL signature fonts

PCL Signature Order Form

Need PCL bitmapped soft fonts to print MICR in Unix, DOS, or AS/400s? Each check must be printed with the MICR or E-13b font using magnetic toner on an HP LaserJet or compatible printer. This PCL bitmapped font set gives you everything you need for MICR printing from multiple bank accounts. Requires a 600 dpi or better laser printer. $129.50  More information about PCL MICR fonts

MICR / E13-B fonts for check printing

PCL bitmapped LaserJet soft fonts

Is your check layout accurate enough to be accepted by your bank? Use our gauge to verify that your check is correctly formatted. Add a gauge to any MICR font order, or buy just a gauge. 2024 updates! $49.95 / $39.95 / $29.95  More information about our MICR gauge

Elfring Fonts MICR Placement Gauge